Cats rule the world!

Cats rule the world! There, I said it. It’s true, many people say cats rule the internet and I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Seriously, cats are everywhere on the inter- webs. But, if you consider for a moment that the “internet” is starting to rule our lives and everything we do, it’s safe to surmise that if cats rule the internet, they rule the world as well. I’m such a genius!

Here on the farm we have many cats, strictly indoor cats, indoor/outdoor cats and we have a couple of barn cats as well. They all have their own unique personalities and special attitudes. Take for instance Piddy Witz, a bobtail tortoise shell kitty with a raspy meow she uses to great effect. She’s a wonderful kitty who allows we puny humans to pet and feed her at her discretion. She spends most of her time outside doing kitty things like chasing dogs (true!), eating birds and squirrels and such. Honestly though, she spends most of her time sleeping in the backyard or barn. Sleeping is fine, I have no problem with it, I’m kind of an expert on napping myself. Poor Piddy however enjoys sleeping on an outside half wall of the barn. The problem is, her sleeping perch is only as wide as a 2×4 and just the other day during her nap, she fell off twice. As it is every kitty’s priority, she quickly regained her dignity, glaring at me as if I had pushed her (I didn’t!). Either way, my life was in grave danger and the only way to possibly save my life, was to build a plywood shelf in her favorite spot, giving her plenty of room to lounge, sleep and generally survey all of her realm. So that’s what I did.

The first photo is Piddy lounging in her favorite sleeping spot just before she drifts off. So cute right? You can clearly see the photo makes it look like she’s a Jedi Legless hovering kitty, but she’s not, she does actually have four legs. See how easy it would be for her to fall off (or be pushed, if you believe the conspiracy theory)?


The first order of business was to find an appropriately sized piece of plywood to use as a shelf. One especially dangerous part of the mission was to VERY quietly measure Piddy to determine how long the shelf needed to be. A word of caution, cats do not enjoy being disturbed while sleeping. I cut the piece of plywood a few inches longer than Piddy so she would have plenty of room, rounding the corners off so it would be visually appealing to Piddy and also not hurt when I inevitably walk into it.

I’ve done some great things in my life but none of them could begin to compare to the beauty of my creation. I knew Piddy was going to be so happy! No more falling off the wall, no more worrying about when she was going to kill me. Life is grand!


With the project completed, I stood back to admire my work. It was glorious! Next on the agenda was introducing Piddy to to her new, very comfortable shelf. The attempts to save my life and make her more comfortable however, were in vain. This is her response to my hard work.



Lessons learned:

  1. Cats don’t give a shit!
  2. I’m probably going to die in my sleep.
  3. Cats don’t give a shit!

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  1. Ha! Piddi has you wrapped up. You cater to her every whim. I have seen you with Piddi on a pillow in your lap, with her head on your shoulder – for hours as her rattley purr roars through the den. If the dogs want in, or out, there you sit. Can’t disturb Piddi. Need a drink, can’t disturb Piddi. AND she fell off her perch this morning

    Truly, I love your writing. Truth be told, folks. He is Piddi’s slave.

    Liked by 1 person

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