Chocolate covered espresso poop

This will be a short post today. It rained almost three inches last night and the temperature is headed south fast. I’ve got heaps work to do in the barn…fun times.

I saw something rather interesting/disturbing in the barn today. We’ve got rather a bunch of fainting goats here on the farm and they tend to crap all over the place. I noticed something peculiar today while cleaning up after the little crap monsters. Check this picture out.

Yup, certainly looks like goat poop.

But, as my mind twists and winds unlike most people, it also looks like something else. I happen to be a bit of a connoisseur of chocolate covered espresso beans. They’re glorious! They’re covered in chocolate and they taste like coffee. It’s really the best of both worlds. However, if you squint your eyes a bit guess what? Goat poop looks surprisingly like chocolate covered espresso beans. Here’s a pic of the chocolatey goodness.

If you weren’t paying attention you might inadvertently grab a handful of goat poop while going for the tasty treat. Now, I have no clue what goat poop tastes like and I’m not going to do a taste test either.

So, the next time you’re in the barn cleaning up goat crap and your chocolate covered espresso beans fall out of your pocket and mingle with the goat crap. My best advice is to just let those little chocolate covered espresso crap nuggets just do their thing. Don’t be brave.

Lesson learned:

1. Makes the term “eat shit” take on a whole new meaning.

2. Crap and food are not interchangeable.

3. It’s Veterans day, thank those who’ve worn the uniforms. They sacrificed for us all. Semper Paratus.


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