It’s finally Friday!

Have you ever had one of those days, where, no matter what you do everything just falls apart. You wake up for work just in time to see the clock tick over to the exact time work actually starts…. yeah, you’re late and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. Then you get to work, only to realize that in your haste you left your cell phone at home on the bathroom sink….just where you left it while dropping a growler.

Yeah, one of those days. Oh, lest we forget you got written up… AGAIN for calling your supervisor a fat tub of shit who gets fatter simply thinking about it… totally worth it. Then you get yelled at by a district judge for talking during docket call. He’s so mad you get kicked out of court…again, for the second time this month.

Yeah, one of those kind of days. Actually, those days can turn into weeks where you can’t seem catch a break. Then at lunch (at your desk, which is strictly forbidden, but you’ve got to try and catch up) you eat some questionable sushi only to barf up on that same desk a few hours later from food poisoning. You swear you’re never eating sushi from that Mexican/sushi place again …until next week of course.

We’ve all had those types of days that stretch into shitty weeks. It happens to all of us who weren’t born trust fund babies and actually have to work for a living. But this kind struggle actually makes you realize this is EXACTLY why God invented alcohol and you’ve finally found something to be thankful for….God bless 80 proof, yes, thank you 6 lb 8 oz baby Jesus for the blessed gift of alcohol, good times, hangovers and sketchy memories.

This also reminds you that it’s finally F’ing Friday and you should stop at the liquor store after work.

Work is just so damned stupid. If it weren’t for the fact you’ve got bills to pay you might have stayed home. But you’ve got to pay for your student loans and that cell phone that’s sitting on your bathroom sink… Hopefully it’s still sitting there, unless your kitty (Isabelle) swatted it into the toilet (did I flush?)…again.

You do have your glorious and thoughtful friends. And, believe me 5:01 pm on a Friday like this calls for a couple of drinks with cheese fries at the local dive bar. Yes, the same shitty bar where you’ll continue to try and hit on that super hot waitress/bartender girl who is still dating that same cook, when he’s not in jail…again. But you keep trying, urged on by your friends and their well intended jabs at your attempts to save the bartender girl from a lifetime of bad decisions.

Yes, thank the Lord it’s Friday. I hope you all have a great time tonight and a truly wonderful weekend.

God bless.



  1. We have all respondedwith thanks to the arrival of 5:01 Friday. All of us have had days, weeks, months and years that made us cringe. But Friday is here, thanks be!!!!!
    Everyone – have a wonderful weekend.

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