About this bloggity blog

I’ve lead a pretty interesting life to this point and there are some interesting things I’ve observed so far.

The conversations in my head are often far more interesting than the ones in real life. I’ve decided to post some of these “head conversations” as I’m calling them from time to time. I’ll also post anything I find interesting, funny, sad, dark or any combination of all of those things.

One reason I’ve named this bloggity blog “Barkeep, whisky” is because there are often days where all you can do is to ask for the barkeep to get you a shot of whisky or four, sit back and try and forget about it all for a couple of hours. Let your mind wander and try and find the humor in it all.

I’m very likely going to highlight other things here because I’m really an introvert at heart and I spend a lot of time in my own head. I also have a bad habit of using humor as a defense mechanism, big surprise there. I’ve also had a lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety and all the wonderful medication and social stigma that goes along with that sort of mess. So that’s what this bloggity blog is all about…..life in all its painful, strange, dark and sometimes sad humor. So stick with me and my attempts at writing and if you’re so inclined share my musings with your friends, coworkers, loved ones and even your enemies (let karma work its magic), leave comments. We’re all in this journey of life together, we might as well enjoy it.