Something about Scotty

The details of my life are quite inconsequential.  I really rather despise wearing shoes but the fact that I live in snake infested Texas kind of makes footwear a bit of a necessity.  I have a completely rational and well founded disdain for barbershop quartets.  I’m not really certain if it’s the four part close harmony I loath or if it’s the four super geeks dressed up in monkey suits that freaks me out.  But something as objectionable as any and all barbershop quartets need to be banned for the good of humanity.

I’m not at all into making lists or checking them twice.  I’ve tried this tactic to better manage my life and I only ended up losing the lists and going my about my business as if nothing happened.  When I go on vacation I mostly choose a destination, book a flight, pack one backpack and then fly into the great blue yonder.  I don’t make itineraries or plan the trip.  I go and see what happens when I get there.  I’ve found this the best way to travel and I highly recommend it.

I’m rather accident prone and as of my last highly non scientific count I’ve broken 14 bones and had at least two concussions…..that I can remember.  Last year my motorcycle tried to kill me when it decided it no longer wanted to go for a long ride in the twisties.  I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that impacting mother earth at 40 mph is bad for your overall health and well being.

When things go bad for me and I fall into the depression and anxiety hell hole I’m not very fun to be around.  I usually create a metaphorical brick wall around myself and hide in my house.  I used to think I was an absolute expert at hiding my depression from my family, friends and coworkers.  But I soon discovered that I wasn’t fooling anyone at all.  This was actually a blessing in disguise.  Because when I knew that everyone else knew I was miserable I found out that so many people cared.  It hasn’t made the depression or anxiety go away but I quickly found that I had people in my corner and that means everything.